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This is an amazing horse. His name is Poncho. He’s the horse I learned to barrel race on and although he and I had our differences, I am really glad I met him. He’s the silliest horse you will ever meet, and never fails to make anyone around him smile. His expressive, beautiful blue eyes are unforgettable. Recently, Poncho has developed cancer in his eye. It can be treated, but his owners (my very close friends) cannot afford to pay for it on their own. If this beautiful boy does not receive treatment, he will die from this. Please, please donate to this fund:

Poncho has such a special place in so many hearts, if you can’t donate please signal boost this so maybe we can save him.

Poncho’s a super cute pony and my girlfriend loves him very much. Pleeease go donate, even $5 would help!

***Please read!!*** if anyone can spare some extra money that would be wonderful! Whether you can or not please reblog and share with everyone else!

Help this gorgeous boy out!

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